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Professional Organizing Services

Proudly serving the Greater Indianapolis, Hamilton County, and Northern Illinois market. Other locations available upon request. 


Home Organizing

Let's create a space you love! A peaceful space contains items that are beautiful, sentimental, and few.  Less is more.  We will sort, organize, sell, or donate your excess accumulation to make your life and home function more efficiently in a space you will be proud of.

Whether your goal is to organize using existing bins, totes, and materials, or investing in a new system, the process can be as simple or extravagant as you prefer. We will create a  customized plan will meet your individual needs.



it’s true that clutter is the enemy of clarity. Removing items that no longer serve you can be a powerful process. It can also be emotional and therapeutic. I gently guide you through the process and by the end of your session you will feel a sense of accomplishment and a weight that has been lifted. I also help with donation, recycling, and removal services.

Packed Moving Boxes


Expedite the process of a chaotic move by saving time and energy. Have everything unpacked in a strategic, organized, aesthetically pleasing manner. Unpack correctly the first time and give yourself the gift of peace. 

Our Process


Phone Consultation

The first step in the home organizing process is to schedule a quick 15-minute phone consultation to understand the specific needs of your space. This consultation will provide an opportunity to discuss your goals, priorities, and any challenges you're experiencing and schedule your session. Based on this initial conversation, the organizing process can be customized to best suit you.


Product Recommendations

Once we've connected, we'll put together a list of product recommendations for your space minding the dimensions, aesthetic, and your budget.


Organizing Session

This is where the magic happens! Our team will get to work in organizing your space to implement the organizing systems we've predetermined, and create the space you've always envisioned.

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